Monday, May 30, 2011

TimeCube 2.0 Beta Release!

Above pic: From Version 1.0, included since I cannot get a good photo from emulator of game play

Why? Cause every old man needs freaking laser eyes

This is my first full game. I have designed all the graphics, composed all the music (LMMS), written the image parsing, etc, while using just the GU and building my own engine from the ground up. Due to this, I may not have as many crazy features as if I used a pre-built engine

I had released TimeCube just previous to learning about the competition, so I used this as an excuse to add quite a few features:

Additions in this version

  • Adhoc Multi-player
  • Particle Engine (yes blocks spark and create fun effects!)
  • A new Font engine
  • Old man effects
  • Ominous Voice samples
  • New menu Graphics
  • New paused Graphics
  • New Backgrounds
  • New Goofy Gene Ray quotes :lol:

The single player is fun... but the MultiPlayer is where it's at!

The Multiplayer addition was obviously the most challenging addition... I think you will also find it is the most fun! If you like Bust-A-Move, you will love TimeCube! :mrgreen: 

Multiplayer rules:

  • Get 4 or more matches as fast as possible (with chaining falling blocks if you can)!
  • Get matches faster than the other player, and blocks will fly on their screen, filling it up and securing your dominance!
  • The last survivor is the winner!!

Get the goods here, and be sure to get a friend in on it to really enjoy the puzzle competition!

Please post any bugs you may find on the Google Code page so I can track them.

If you like this game can you please vote for it on wololo ?