Sunday, July 20, 2014

"Hoarder Monkey" Coming soon!

You're a Monkey with a serious collecting problem!  Hoarder Monkey is a fresh take on action platformers that melds tilt action rolling movement, with Donkey Kong style action mechanics, with plenty of goofy humor and surprises.

Can you collect all your precious missing junk before time runs out?  Beat your friends, impress the ladies... be *that guy*! Forget your 12 step programs, play Hoarder Monkey and indulge in all your OCD fantasies!

Insane enemies, Rabid Squirrels and Monkey with a trash bag strapped to his back!  It has everything!

This guys didn't satisfy his collecting urges by playing Hoarder Money! Don't be this GUY!

I mean  common... Rabid squirrels and such!

"It's a squireeel! It's dead!".  Well nearly.. anyhow.  

So yeah, that's it for now, still working on levels features and all that Hoarder Monkey specific Blog on the way!

Coming soon to: 
Linux, Android and IOS!