Sunday, February 24, 2013

Arcade Style Physics Monkey Game

Well here's a little progress report on what I am working on. Over the last few months, I have been playing with and learning all the Android quirks, while posting here (as you may see from my previous entries). While doing this I have been active in creating an Android game in my free moments with a pretty simple but fun premise.

  •  Throw projectiles at enemies and kill them 
  • Clear all enemies to end level or free Monkey friend
  • Perhaps avoid hitting some objects (evil monkey, some enemies that multiply if hit ;) )
  • Clear certain blocks to find hidden goodies
  • Obtain all objectives to earn all full credit for level (Bananas? Stars? Dentures? )

Projectiles will be stupid fun, like poop, numbchucks, bombs, kittens, skulls, shoes and anything else I can think up.  I'll make the physics different on each one and try to tie it to the level objectives. 

Angry Birds Clone?

No no, not really.  I really want to get back to the quick play arcade roots with this game.  I want fast paced objectives and decent challenge.  I find Angry birds and all that fun, but quickly too slow and I lose sight of the objectives since the stars don't really have any concreted meaning to me.  Why 2 instead of 3, why 1 what did I do to earn 1 star?  I really never have figured that out on Angry Birds.

This game will have CLEAR goals. The goals will be fast, challenging and I hope, very fun!

So far I have a working framework on Android, graphics and physics (I am leveraging Box2D) as well as some basic goals.  I have a good amount of art completed but still have many more things to create.

I still have a long way to go, many more features add and level editor to tighten up, but I am confident if I have fun playing it, you will too.  And that's my only goal  :)