Sunday, February 20, 2011

TimeCube The PSP Game

You are all educated stupid!  Your ignorance of 4 day TimeCube the Game is Evil!  You worship a Tetris God with shapes other than Cubes.  Man evolves from teenager, teenager evolves from child... old man blows a gasket....

All hail TimeCube!

It's a puzzle game.

Rotate Cubes: square button
Move Cubes: D-Pad (down to move faster down, like Evil-Tetris).
Objective:  Match 4 or more colors adjacently (no diagonals),
more cubes = more points
Chains from falling cubes after blocks deleted = more points

Graphics: Created in Gimp
Sounds: Audacity, and GNU
Music: Produced in LMMS
Editor: Vim (xterminal, Ctags)
Inspiration: Cube Heads

-Will be adding a few more fun easter eggs in later releases (Toasty!).
- Next block preview (maybe?)
- Particle effects (more fun visual stuff)
- High score saving
- Eboot sound, before loading
   ( I hate proprietary formats like AT3, I need a converter but I am on Linux. VirtualBox here I come)

Please let me know if you like it and recommended additions.

Also, put up your screen shots of your highest score! I got 16k or so, but I'll have to get a screeny.